Army Public School & College Noor Mahal Campus Bahawalpur
The Principal's Message

The purpose of education revolves around the “whole” individual. It is an effort to develop the individual from within moving outward. It is about discovering the self and understanding diversity from a regional, national, global and a personal standpoint. For a well-rounded personality, the practice of education should strike a balance in the development of the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual/moral aspects of students. The goal is to produce a better generation than the existing one.

Teachers are at the heart of education. The teaching profession is highly creative and dynamic, and not at all static. Teachers need to believe that their profession is directly responsible in the development of the most important resource, the human resource. The success of every other profession whether in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, applied sciences etc., is directly dependent on the teaching profession. The role of the teacher is highly respectable. They ought to facilitate students in the process of learning. It is also important that teachers should be able to resist the temptation to always perfectly educate, and focus more on addressing multiple identities by supporting multiple talents. Teachers should be able to trigger inquisitiveness and wonder in students. In addition to but not limited to, great teachers support, provoke, kindle and engage students. How they do this depends entirely on the teacher’s love for the profession and a deep ideological understanding of education.

A school is a community of learners. In the digital era, it is becoming a necessity to be able to work in collaborative situations. Therefore, learning should be designed in ways that develops the capability to work with others. This way of learning would also develop other skills such as, communication, negotiation, listening to others, leading, analysis of self and others, decision making, etc. A collaborative learning environment is progressive in nature and thus demands creativity in action. It encourages participation, develops courage, trust, hope, and the heart to share with others etc.

Whether you are a teacher, a section head, a school Principal, a university Professor or Vice Chancellor, primarily, the job of an educator is not command and control. The 21st century demands of them to be creative leaders. Education is about nurturing a culture where the entire community is engaged in learning where thinking is original and insightful. It is about giving people the opportunity to flourish by empowering them to freely share their ideas with others and find meaning and purposefulness in the individual or collaborative activity they are engaged in.

The valley of knowledge is eternal. It is a path engraved in exploration, however, along the way there would be moments of sadness and happiness. In order to walk this path, it is important to have a prolific commitment and a personal philosophical conviction convincing enough to remain resolute.

With kind regards

Amer Bhaur