The word education not only defines the Alma maters of an individual but does encircle the life of a human being as a wholesome achievement. To understand the true meaning of education, we must comprehend the broad spectrum of an educational institution where the purpose of education is to teach the children to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should keep in mind the importance of planning and prioritizing their time and the effective use of it which are essential to achieve success in every field of life.

I believe that it is the discovery of the self and from within a world of diversity. It awakens our mind and soul to the heights of humanity where an individual can realize the actual meaning of his existence under the skies.

The purpose of a school should not be like a factory but it must be a garden where every sapling gets a chance to bloom and grow. The teacher should not be a producer but must be like a   gardener who very carefully and artistically nurtures the soul into a well groomed and balanced human being. The life story of a learner starts from school, a place of dreams and desires. It is our responsibility to guide them to make these dreams come true through a path of wisdom, conformation, dignity and truthfulness.

In this age of digital literacy, the process of learning for students has not only been multiplied but challenging for teachers also. The role of a teacher must be to facilitate young students in the process of learning and this exclusively depends on a teacher’s love for teaching profession. It also promotes the teachers’ community to work in collaboration, making everyone a part and parcel of this learning process. A collaborative learning environment is progressive in nature and thus demands creativity in action.

Here at APS&C NMC, we strive to make every individual a part of this canvas so that these creative minds may spread their own colors of life to the beauty of their lifelong painting and a source of inspiration for themselves and others as well.

“The soul of education motivates inspiration and only this inspiration can lead to the destination