Army Public Schools and Colleges System Secretariat serves as a central unifying body which ensures uniformity and standardization amongst branches of Army Public Schools and Colleges spread across Pakistan. The Secretariat provides strategic support to the System in Academic planning, Staff Development and training. Its goal is to develop Army Public Schools & Colleges into a leading education system which is completely standardized and capable of imparting child friendly futuristic learning and quality education at affordable costs.

APSACS Secretariat, acts as a central resource which provides guidance in all technical aspects of education to all schools throughout the year. It serves as a nerve centre of the system by regulating communication and coordination amongst schools. A total number of 127 schools (the number is increasing with registration of new schools all the time) operate under the jurisdiction of the APSACS Secretariat through a setup of 11 Regional Offices. The Secretariat prepare all academic programmes related to educational planning, Based on Curriculum, selection of textbooks to meet the learning outcomes, Weekly Syllabus Breakups and Examination Paper are sent to each school through these regional offices). Academic, Training and Evaluation calendars, all record keeping registers, student dairies and notebooks etc are designed and dispatched from the Secretariat. Weekly syllabus Breakups with guidelines for lesson planning, assessment, policies. projects, time and classroom management are provided to all schools.

APSACS Secretariat has an elaborate training program, which schedules training workshops for teachers, middle and senior school leaders, school management and Regional Coordinators. Extensive training is being provided each year to train teachers about state-of-the-art teaching methodologies, and Assessment policies and other Curriculum Based and Book Based training. APSACS Secretariat has a strong team of highly skilled educationists, with experience in teaching and school staff management, The three main work domains where the Secretariat is assisting the schools are Curriculum Planning & Development, Assessment & Examinations and Teachers Training. To meet the ever-increasing demand of constant research in educational planning, Computer Research and Resource Department has been set up in the Secretariat. To ensure quality and standardization, a Review and Quality Assurance Department has also been set up which reviews all publications and material being sent.

The Secretariat has an Information Technology Department which has developed an indigenous software, APSACS Management Software, which is weaving the APSACS schools into a network of standardized procedures, information sharing & providing a data base.

APSACS website provides a resource for teaching and learning as well as a forum for parents to become a part of the learning triangle. APSACS Values Education Programme focuses on global citizenship emotional well being and developing better human beings who can contribute in creating a conflict free world based on peace & harmony.